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Looking for a job can be a time consuming process which might feel never ending. However, planning and prioritising step by step can help you achieve this with ease and you will finally be working in that dream role of yours. Consider these top tips when planning your career journey and it will speed up your job search!


Know What You Want

Know exactly what type of job you want. If you do not know, then you can waste lots of time pondering over what you want to do. Whereas, if you already have a clear idea you can quickly start looking for this type of job.


Do Not Be Picky

Just like the above. Being picky will drag out the time for action. To over come this, applying for part-time work can be a great time filler. You can help bridge the gap between your desired career role by earning a bit of cash in the meantime and gaining some great trasferable skills.


Ask for Help

Sometimes, doing everything alone can take up a lot of time and can be quite draining.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, from friends, family members or past co-workers to help you secure a new role. They may have connections or know of job vacancies that could help point you in the right direction.



Have your CV ready to go. If you find a job, and you are really interested in applying for it. However you haven’t updated your CV in months, this will set you back. Continually add, edit and change things around to ensure you’re ready to submit your application as soon as you see something that interests you.



References aren’t always necessarily needed during the initial hiring stages. But being prepared and having an idea of who your reference will be is a great start. Contacting them and asking to use their details for a job reference before hand will minimise any future possible time-delays.


LinkedIn Profile

You can use LinkedIn in multiple different ways to speed up your job search.

1. Ask for help within your network. Create a public status explaining your situation and whether anyone knows of any opportunities in your area.
2. Go right to the source. Connect with employers and key team members within an organisation who you believe could help you land a job.
3. Network. Send direct messages and invitation requests, introducing yourself and what your job intentions are.


Be patient but driven in getting that dream job. It does take time but with a planned process layed out before hand, it could make life a lot easier for you. I hope these top tips help!


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