“So, Tell Me About Yourself”: How to Answer


Nailing the “ Tell me about yourself ” question

The very open question which is most frequently asked in an interview, “so, tell me about yourself”, can be quite difficult to respond to in a structured and professional way! here are a few things to take into consideration when answering this question.


Performing a monologue based on your LinkedIn page is pointless, yet job applicants do it all the time. Remember that interviews are more about making strong matches than proving qualifications. If you weren’t qualified, you wouldn’t be in the room.

This is also not the time to reveal personal information about your life, like your family life, recent vacation, and puppetry obsession. That can come later, when the interview is winding down.


Identify the Need

Identifying the organization’s need means scrutinizing the job description like a treasure map and extracting its secrets. Phrases like “required,” “must have,” and “highly desired” mean what they say, so highlight those in your planning.

Fill the Need

Pick a story from your professional life that illustrates you filling that particular need in another job, preferably one in which the setting of your story matches the setting of the business to which you’re applying.

Being able to articulate the organization’s need and putting yourself in that spot with a relevant story should do more than just widen eyes in the room. It should also put you head and shoulders above the other applicants. Why? Because, unlike them, you didn’t just tell them about you; you pointed out why you matter to them.


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