Ways to Make Sure Your Colleagues Like You


We spend more time inside the office than we do outside. So it is important to keep a good relationship with your colleagues, here is how.

Be a Good Listener

Good colleagues spend more time listening than they do talking. So make sure you give your co-workers the time and space to talk. People like knowing that they can express themselves to you openly, whether that is about their work or personal life. Listening makes them feel valued and important.

Keep Your Word

If you say you will do something, make sure you do it! Colleagues will only like you if they know that they can trust you. Therefore always following through with your promises, whether they are big or small will play a big part in getting your co-workers to like you. Nobody wants to feel like they have been ignored. If you say you will do something then make sure you stick to it!


Set Out Your Expectations

If you let people know what you expect from them, they are going to be more productive and like you more for your honesty. If your co-workers dont understand fully what it is you want from them, then they will most likely be wary and defensive around you. This uncertainty leads to an unhealthy or unhappy working enviroment.



Give Constructive Criticism

Your colleagues will value and appreciate your criticism if it helps them get better at their job. Giving feedback or constructive criticism means your co-workers know where they need to improve and that will make the team you are in stronger. Be fair and justify your criticism when necessary and your colleagues will learn to appreciate your oppinion that helps them grow in the business.


Ask for Feedback

If you are happy giving it, you have to be happy receiving it too! If you are going to give constructive criticism to your colleagues, then you also have to be willing to ask for feedback on your own performance. As long as your co-workers feel they can give their opinion and help you improve then it’s a win-win situation all around.


The simplest advice is just to be kind and considerate. Even when there are difficult periods. You do not have to be besties outside the office but the fact we spend more time at work than at home makes it very important to build a good relationship with all your co-workers. As a result you keep a positive working enviroment.



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