How to Bounce Back From Being Laid Off


As an employee, being laid off work is one of the worst feelings you can go through and it is very difficult to bounce back.


Even though it is a tough situation, it is something you must move forward from. 1.5 million people get laid off in the USA every year. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are ever put in this unfortunate situation.


Give Yourself Time to Mourn

Give yourself some time to cope with the loss of your job before moving forward. It is reported that 34% of unemployed people suffer from psycological issues like depression in the USA.


Check Your Finances

Rent, bills and utilities should be your priority during this time. Try to spend money on your needs, not your wants.


Take Care of Yourself

Be open about your emotions, speak up! Engange in regular excercise and getting a decent amount of sleep will help both your physical and mental health which will give you the motivtion to bounce back.


Contact Your Network

Connect with industry pros, both on and offline. 85% of open positions are filled through networking.


Update Your CV

Add quantifiable accomplishments and always give examples such as strategic plans or revenue generated that you implimented. This will show how you can help companies reach their business goals.


Skill Related Classes or Online Courses

Enrole for training workshops or courses at your local college or take an online course to improve your skill set and keep your mind fresh and sharp.


Work With a Recruiter

Staffing agencies and recruiters place 17 million Americans in jobs every year.


Stay Possitive

Practicing daily meditation can help you keep a positive outlook. Studies show that it can also increase mindfulness and decrease depression levels.


Part-Time Work

More thank 56 million Americans do freelance work and 27 million work pert-time.



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