Reasons to Become an Apprentice


Apprenticeships have become increasingly more popular and successful in the last few years. You might ask why and how is this scheme becoming popular and successful? We have created some reasons why being an apprentice can really help you with your career!

Learn While you Earn!

Apprenticeships offer a great system where you can earn a fair income whilst undergoing training and developing new skills. Your wage usually varies between your employer and the work load you have.


Great Start to Your Professional Career

Many young individuals are unfortunate to find themselves stuck in a pretty sticky situation. They lack the experience to get a job, but can not get a job to attain the experience. Fortunatley apprenticeships offer a type of “foot in the door” opportunity to allow those with lacking experience to start their proffesional career in their disired direction.


Apprenticeships are The Alternative Options Instead of Attending University

There is a great debate on which is actually better, Apprenticeships or University. My personal oppinion is neither… I think you should invest in the one which is more suited to your needs. It really depends on what you want to persue in your proffesion career. Apprenticeships allow you to start training in the real working enviroment, gaining you experience and skill which can later lead to a career and potentially a full time job upon completion.

Gain Practical, Relevant Training Experience

As i stated before, apprenticeships allow you to work in the real world enviroment giving the option to gain the essential experience needed. Training received from apprenticeships typically take place on the job. Therefore you are learning in the same enviroment you are working in. However there are some colleges that offer the same service where you study on campus once/twice a week, and the rest you work gathering evidence for college.

Cost of an Apprenticeship

The cost of apprenticeships in general is very low. The cost for you to undertake the course is free and the company that provides it to you can receive government funding if they take you on. Therefore businesses are more likely to hire you due to the low training costs. If you attend an apprenticeship course at college you may have to pay four the course but you will be earing once you have started working.

Range of Apprenticeships

There is a wide range of apprenticeship courses on offer and this is continuing to expand. Therefore there is a high chance that you can undergo an apprenticeship in any career that you want to excel in. Apprenticeships come in three levels these are: intermediate level, advanced level and higher apprenticeships.


Apprenticeships are for Everyone

They are not just for those of young age, in fact, anyone over the age of 16 and not in full time education can become an apprentice. So if you are looking to change your career but do not know how to approach it or, do not want to waste time studying without an income, apprenticeships could be the best option for you.


Support is always Available

Apprenticeships schemes are designed to provide a high level of guidence and support. Making sure that any individual’s needs and requirements are met. The whole working and learning part is the basic concept of an apprenticeship but guiding you in the right direction is the most important part!


Overall Success and Satisfaction of Apprenticeships

Past and completed apprenticeships have had a massive success on both the employees and the employers behalf. Most who have undergone an apprenticeship have stated their high level of satisfaction and success in the field of work they persued.



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