Boost Productivity During the COVID-19 Pandemic


4 Ways to boost productivity during the COVID-19 Pandemic


1. Use a video conferencing service.

The video conferencing app Zoom has absolutely exploded in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with everyone using it for business meeting to even online lessons with personal trainers. Despite privacy concerns they’re working through, Zoom has cemented its place as the platform of choice for a lot of businesses.

Anyway not everyone wants to show up on camera looking like they just rolled out of bed, so even apps like Slack are fine to stay updated with your colleagues using only text.

Of course video has its pros, It allows you to see the nuances of communication that are missed through audio-only communication. The most famous nonverbal communication study is often misquoted. It depends on the circumstance. The fact remains, though, that seeing someone’s face and body language helps you pick up on nuances you’d otherwise miss.



2. Centralize your information.

If your business information is still scattered across several different platforms that don’t communicate and aren’t accessible online, It is a good way of upgrade and simplify your working schedule by cut off the less used platforms.

Using portals and central databases that hold all your information in one place is a huge benefit to your business. CRMs and business management apps are designed to help businesses break down silos between departments, share information, and track their progress and relationships.

Most of the CRMs and other business management apps that work for small to medium businesses are cloud-based, which means they’re also easy to use when you’re working from home.


3. Keep a routine.


It is difficult to keep a routine in situation like kids at home, animals, focus that can be easily ruined by the sofa, netflix, social media and so on.

Work and personal life can bleed together easily in a work from home scenario. That means you and your employees have a responsibility to be even more on top of routine than normal. Here are some good guidelines to follow.

Considering the environment that in office time and chill time it’s still the same, it’s important to keep them separately by scheduling your day with different activities and try to build a diy workplace in a certain part of your home and make sure to leave it and move chill time in other spaces, by mentally create the separation between office and free time.



4. Use this time as a reset.


Reevaluate your business. Are you prepared for another crisis like this if it occurs? Will you bring your entire workforce back into the office?

Take advantage of some of the business services you might have ignored if you hadn’t had to move operations remotely.

Figure out how to manage projects remotely. Who knows, you might wind up moving more of your operations outside of the office.

Use the infrastructure you build through this tough period to prepare you for future success.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the entire world into disarray. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you might see a boost from it in the future. Maximize your productivity now, and focus on preparing for the future when you can go back to the office.


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