Things You Should Never Say in an Interview



Candidates are making the same mistake over and over again because human nature tells them that certain phrases or stratergies will serve them well in the interview.

Unfortunatly with the experience of the recruiter, the things you say might come across as a negative impression.


Read below to see what things you shouldn’t say and why.


“I’m really nervous”

Telling the interviewer you’re nervous seems like an excuse for a bad interview and shows that you lack confidence. Instead, act confident even if you’re a bit nervous and say “i feel excited about this job”.



“It’s on my CV”

Refusing to repeat information on your CV will seem lazy, arrogant, or like you’re not familiar with your own work experience. Rather than relying too much on your CV, be prepared to answer all questions. “Certainly, i’d be happy to tell you more about that”.



“I work well independently as well as in a team”

When asked about your strengths, you must provide more concrete examples instead of this general answer. “Last year my team had reached all their targets due to a process i implimented. This led me to receive an excellence in my last performance review”.



“I’ll do whatever”

Employers are looking for people who are passionate and willing to excel in a particuar role, rather than someone who can do “whatever” decently. Demonstrate you are confident in your abilities. “This role is exactly what i’m looking for”.



“I hated my last job”

Showing direct negativity for your previous job demonstrates a huge lack of professionalism and you may be perceived as a negative person by the interviewer. Be profesional and use your words carefully. “i learned a lot in my last job, but i’m looking for a company with an enviroment that fits me better”.



“No, i don’t have any questions for you”

Not having any questions at the end of your interview may give you’re interviewer the impression that you’re not very interested or curious. So, make sure you ask questions showing your interest. “What is the biggest experience the team is facing now?”.




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