Gender Gap


Why does gender pay gap exist?

Do you earn the same salary as your male coworkers?

There are a lot of complex factors that go into creating the salary gap, most commons are race, education, industry and age.

As a result researches has shown that there are three key reasons why the gender pay gap exists:

  1. There are more men in senior roles than women
  2. Part-time roles are not equal
  3. Women choose to work in low-paid roles and sectors


Measures to close the gap

There are many measures in place all across the world to rectify the gender pay gap, for instance:

  1. Iceland made gender pay gaps illegal by making it a requirement for organisations to prove they are not discriminating against women
  2. UK-based organisations with 250 employees have to publish and report specific figures about their salary gap.

As a result, the gap is now lower by 2% compared to firms that weren’t required to release gender pay data.

This means that Governments can take effective steps to address gender wage disparities by making it mandatory for firms to provide data showing discrepancies in gender pay.

This is the Global Gender Gap Report for 2018 that shows as a result the analysis that has been done on this topic.


Worldwide data

Iceland is the most gender-equal Country in the world, followed by Nordics (Norway, Sweden and Finland).

Other countries in the top-ten include:

  1. Nicaragua (5th)
  2. Rwanda (6th)
  3. New Zealand (7th)
  4. the Philippines (8th)
  5. Ireland (9th)
  6. Namibia (10th)


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