Four Main Things to Bring to Your Job Interview


While interviews are a necessary part of the job-hunting process. They can also cause even the most put-together candidate to temporarily lose their head, forgetting the essentials.  However, no need to worry as we have created a helpful checklist!

It is the day of your job interview. You are filled with mixed emotions. As the time approaches for you to leave the house you frantically run around checking you have everything. You run out the door to the train/car/bus, all with a slight feeling of dread that you’ve forgotten something important.

If the above sounds familiar, you are not alone. See our checklist below so you will never have to worry about forgetting the important things to bring!

Copies of You CV

Ok! i know you may have already sent you CV when originally applying for the open position. But interviewers are only human and you are not the only one to be interviewed. In the mad rush of the workday, CV’s can be lost.  Bring multiple copies to hand out and also to help you reference your information to help answer questions.


Bottle of Water

Most offices offer candidates coffee, water or other beverages of choice. However, it helps to be prepared in case the reception is less than on point. Grab a small water bottle to help chase off a dry mouth from nerves and talking about how amazing a fit you’d be for the company.


Your Mobile Phone

It is not the time to be forgetting your method of communication at home on the day of your interview. The GPS tracker on your mobile device can help you navigate unfamiliar streets while the messaging and mail features allow you to pull up interview details for reminders. In the event something unforeseen delays your trip, you’ll also be ready to give the interviewer a call and let them know you’re running late.


List of Questions

Candidates can count on the inevitable “do you have any questions?” follow up to end nearly every interview. Prepare a list of questions the day before and if you have problems remembering small details. Jot them down on a notepad and bring it with you to take notes in the interview room.


Make sure you bring your game face by being cool, calm and confident. Mentaly prepare youself with the questions that might be asked and keep a positive attitude! I know these are not things you will physically bring with you. However, it’s what you carry with you in personality, preparedness, and mental attitude that will matter most.

Use this handy checklist to help calm your nerves and show up looking and thinking your best come interview day.


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