Ways To Receive Feedback After Your Interview


– 3 Tips for you to manage your interview



Have you ever been in the situation where you have just finsihed your interview and have been rejected?


It is never a nice feeling to be rejected in an interview, and our natural instinct tells us to close up.

However, how are you supposed to better yourself if you do not know what your weaknesses are.

Asking for feedback may seem daunting but it is really the best thing for you to move forward with a better perspective on your next interview.

Here are some tips and tricks to get the feedback from the interviewer, to help you move on with the next one.


1 – Positivity

Even if you have just been denied the job, it is crucial for you to not look or behave negatively. The last thing you want is to show a bad attitude to the interviewer before asking for feedback. Stay positive and do not take things so personally. Make sure you thank and show appreciation to the interviewer. This will give you a better opportunity to receive feedback but also to give the interviewer a last good impression.


2 – Timing

When you ask for feedback, timing is very important. Dont hesitate to ask directly straight after the interview. The last thing you want is to arrive home and regret missing the chance or have to ask via email or phone call knowing you will have to wait for a reply. that is if they even do reply. If you ask for feedback at the end of your interview, you will look more professional and confident giving the iterviewer a positive thought about you no matter how the outcome of the interview was.


3 – Prepare

When asking for feedback, being prepared shows the interviewer how determined you are in self growth. asking questions you have already planned will come acrross confidently, there will be no doubt in your tone. This will make you feel more comfortable asking for feedback and the interviewer will see your passion in continuous improvement.



 In Conclusion

Reminding yourself that you are doing this all for you and nobody else will make you understand why, and how important it is to ask for feedback. the more feedback you receive the better you will be on your next interview.


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